Memorial service held 27 December 2011 1500-1700 at Cedar Creek Assisted Living facility in Merritt Island, Florida.  These are photos from the service itself. To view the slideshow presentation, click here.

Conducted by eldest son Gordon Howell.

Grateful thanks to Bob & Donna Willett and Edie for their superb assistance and support.

The full (27 min) address is provided, and see photos below.


Susan’s Memorial Service

4 min. About Susan’s love (and critiques!) of music & theatre. Judy talks about Susan playing bridge AND bunco! Mom the party girl. A toast to Sue & Fred for their mint juleps.

8 min. Guests share memories of Susan. Donna Willett (Sue’s honorary sister!), one of the last to see Susan alive. Susan’s founding of the Newcomer’s Club.  Edie shares memory of her political campaigning. Barbara shares bridge memories. Donna tells of her last luncheon. Bob shares his memory of Susan driving him as a child.

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